Friday August 4, 2017

“So, what do we do about my dream stalker?” I lifted my head out of my hands and looked at Layla.

She looked at me with frustration lining her face.. “I’m not sure.”

Pete chimed in again. “Damnit. I mean, is this guy gonna Freddy Kruger him? Or should we expect the army to show up here?”

Layla and George looked to him in confusion. I clarified. “Can he actually hurt me in these dreams? Does he have to be close to ‘tip the scale’, or is it something he can do at will?”

Layla sighed. “Again, I don’t know. My knowledge of Vis is very limited. Like I said, it’s forbidden in the kingdom. Even mentioning it in the Church is frowned upon, sometimes even being punished. “

“Alright… so, I need to figure out how to fight him in my dreams? Or should I try to hide from him?” I rubbed my temples. “I know, you aren’t sure. I just wish that I knew what to do if this happens again. I don’t want him finding out where we are.”

George looked at Layla, then myself. “If he was outside in your dream, and you know what your home looks like and where it is, he may already know where we are.”

I thought for a moment. “I guess I should ask you then. Would you like to leave, or wait things out here? I don’t want to abandon my home and my Mom, but I don’t want to be a sitting duck here.” I looked back to Pete. “That said, I don’t want to put ourselves out in the open on the road for no reason if they aren’t coming here. And even if they are, it’s likely that we can defend ourselves better here than out there.”

Layla shifted. “Well, if Vis works as I believe it does, he is able to affect the minds of those around him, but I assume that he can’t do much more than read you from a distance. Otherwise, he would have pulled information from you already. And We have to act on the assumption that you would remember doing so, otherwise our discussion would bring us nowhere.”

I squeezed my eyes shut. That’s a thought that I didn’t need, but she was right that there was no point in dwelling on it. “Maybe I could feed him false information if he comes again.”

“Maybe, if you can remember all of this in a dream.” Pete put his hands on his knees and leaned forward. “ But you guys wanted to interrogate a Royal Guard anyway, right? So perhaps having him some here wouldn’t be the worst case.”

George shook his head. “No, a priest of his rank would have a heavily armed escort, in addition to whatever detail your military has assigned to him. Abe, you may be onto something with your thought. If you could somehow make him reveal his hand to you, we would be at a great advantage.”

I ran my fingers through my hair. “It was just a thought. Every time he’s been in my dreams, I’ve felt nearly powerless. The most I’ve been able to do is push him away and hide. I don’t think that I could take on someone in heavy armor and with a giant sword on my own, even if it was just a dream.”

“If only you could remember that it was a dream you could do all kinds of crazy shit, right?” Pete looked excited at his suggestion. “You could use superpowers and all kinds of shit.”

I shook my head. “Man, I know you watch a lot of sci fi, but even if I remembered that I was dreaming, there’s no way of saying whether I would be able to change things like that. If he’s in my head, he might be in control.”

I sighed again. “I can’t believe the conversation we’re having. This is all so ridiculous.”

Pete raised an eyebrow at me. “More ridiculous that having super strength at will, or being able to shoot laser beams?”

I glanced from him to Layla. “I wouldn’t call them laser beams, but I see your point. Well, if I can’t practice against him, I can at least plan what we will be doing here.”

Layla stood and bowed. “Again we are a burden on you. I am sorry.” She stood up again. “That said, if we had a choice I would prefer to defend a place that we know to getting lost on a hunt for something with limited supplies. I do not with to endanger you and yours, but you have already claimed that you would not leave us to things without you now that you are involved, though I cannot say that I would blame you if you asked us to leave.”

I leaned back. “What? And leave me with the dream master coming after me and no instruction on how to use the Light? No, you two are stuck with me until we can figure this out.”

Layla smiled sadly and nodded. “All right. So, what is your plan?”

I didn’t hesitate now that I had some time to mull it over while we talked. “We are staying. I would rather get things ready here and keep practicing. On top of that, neither of you know how to survive in a city, let alone on the road here. You may have seen things on TV, but that doesn’t prepare you at all. If the time comes that we need to leave though, we should be prepared.”

Pete nodded. “I agree. I can help you get supplies ready in case you need to leave in the meantime, but I’d rather have you nearby in case you need help.”

“Thanks. You’re right, we should start getting things together in case we need to leave.” I stood up and started walking to the kitchen for a drink.

Layla turned to me. “What about the cave?”

I looked back at her. “The cave?”

She nodded. “We could disguise it and hide out there if someone comes.”

I thought for a moment. “That could work. We can keep that available as an option as well, depending on how much time we end up with. And like we said, they may not even find us here.”

George laughed bitterly. “I don’t know that fortune will favor us in that regard, but I suppose we can hope.”

I got myself a glass of water. “Alright, who’s cooking dinner tonight?”


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