Excerpt – 10 Iovis, Augustus 1043 (Thursday, August 10 2017)

Adela Namrus


(Translated from Ælfen) I cannot believe that Priestess Feylona has been gone for two months. The Church is far from perfect, but it is difficult to believe that she would betray us the way that she did. Using forbidden magic to escape to our sister world of Earth is something that should not have been possible. Her co-conspirators were arrested, but to think that so many of our most respected elder priests had decided to betray the people with her…

This entire situation makes less sense as I learn more, but I am devout and will not question the wisdom of the Church. Even if it was the new Head Priestess that turned against the council, there is no way that one person should hold the power to change the direction of the Church. I was felt obligated to volunteer for the journey to find her. It turned out that her uncontrolled use of Divine Transposition created tears between worlds, and there was dangerous wildlife coming through unstable portals. It was our duty to close these portals and find the Priestess.

I am an acolyte of hers, and I considered her a close friend. If there is any chance that she can be brought to reason, I must make the attempt myself. I know that she only wants to help in her way, and while many are claiming that she has turned her back to the people, I cannot believe that. There is only one way to know for sure, and that is to find and confront her. I may not be a match for her skill, but I am far from defenseless, and I believe that I can trust the soldiers that I have been placed with. Their weapons are very unfamiliar, but they have been extremely accommodating. They are very obedient to their commanding officers, who have instructed them to defer to our guidance. It seems a bit odd to me, but if the trust exists I will not turn it away. I am sure that they have customs regarding outsiders that are very different from our own.

That said, I have heard from the soldiers that I am travelling with that this behavior does seem somewhat out of place. It is not my place to question them though, and I have only heard this in passing, and never directly from any person.

I have been travelling with a group of Army soldiers led by a Major Thompkins. Under his command are “squads” that are to explore the West coast of this continent. We are… flying. In a large metal machine. I have never seen anything like it, and I am terrified. Though, I am at least distracted with the amusement that the three priests with me, Golbras, Fedron, and Rolan, look far more scared than I feel. Fedon even wet himself, and is now wearing soldier pants under his robes. It’s all that I can do to keep from laughing.

I’ve always gotten along well with Golbras. We weren’t close, but I respect his experience as a leader of his community. Rolan was one of my instructors at the Church and helped prepare me to assist the Head Priestess. Fedron… well, I hate to speak ill of any member of the Church, but he truly seems like a person out for his own benefit over that of others. Of what I have seen of him, he is rude and dismissive of those below him, and subservient to those above. I think that he volunteered to come with us in hopes of impressing Archbishop Renaud, as he seemed surprised when he was accepted to join and sent on the same mission as an Acolyte such as myself. I have gotten nothing but lectures and insulting comments from which, which made it much more entertaining to see him wet himself. I After the others laughed as I tried to hold in my own giggling, I felt much more relaxed.

I have been assigned to the squad led by “Second Lieutenant” Chambers, a human in his mid twenties who seems to be trying to fit shoes that he is not quite large enough for yet. Assisting him is “Staff Sergeant” Kelly. He appears to be in his early thirties and has a pleasant demeanor, but also takes most things quite seriously. Under his command are “Sergeant” Willow, “Specialist” Landry, and “Private First Class” Diego.

Part of the reason that I am writing this is to help me remember their names, as taking this all in is a lot. I am still coming to terms with the fact that we have arrived safely on another world, let alone the level of technology that the Humans here have achieved despite their relatively short lives. I suppose that may be what drives them to succeed in positions of power though. Seeing their lives as so finite and not having the wisdom of Galvan or the comfort of Dorwen to guide them spiritually, they would need some other drive. I do not understand how they would fail to experience the Light in all of their time, but perhaps this confirms that it was the Ælves in our world that were first contacted by Dorwen and taught the true nature of the Light. Not that I have any doubt of the validity of the Æons, but evidence is always welcome.

I am told that we will be investigating areas that have been noted as having had sightings of Spheres, and determining whether or not they need to be secured as a safety measure for the public. Specialist Landry is the person that has opened up to me the most, explaining that part of her squad was performing exercises in the mountains when they were called in for reassignment. She is a scientist of some kind, but I will not pretend to understand what she tried to explain to me. To be completely honest, I am distracted by how open she is, as well as her thick accent.

She seems very intelligent, but uses many references that I do not understand. Diego has told me that it is because she is a “redneck”, but her skin is very dark and I do not see where the term originates. She said that as a Southerner she took offense to that, and would not degrade herself by calling him a called him a simple minded grunt. I understood that these terms were meant to be derogatory, but they merely laughed at one another and continued as though it is part of their daily dialogues. Landry went on to explain that their offensive banter is part of the “military life”, which made me more appreciative of the Church’s strict guidelines on interaction than ever.

The men and woman that I have been assigned to in this squad overall seem like very kind people, if a bit more colorful than I am used to. Still, if we can make any contact with the Head Priestess, I will be happy to learn to work with these individuals. In any event, we have a long journey ahead of us, and I hope that they… “grow on me”.


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